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Double the trouble


So it’s been about 3 days since gee have me the coupon for Starbucks, where you get a free tall coffee but it’s their …. well I can’t spell it. Machiattos? Something like that. Of course the left is what it looks like before you stir it, the right is the result of me drinking it during class to stay up. Though it really just turned me chatty. >.> Anyways. Thought I would share how unhealthy I am right now T.T also the jumping an hour forward totally screwed with me, it was turning light when I woke up, it was super bright for some odd reason…. >.> or I just didn’t want to get up~ –kimiko

miruku koohii


Went to do a quick snack run this morning. I ended up getting some rice crackers and milk coffee which you see in the above picture. Is anyone else like this? For me to work I HAVE to have snacks, a drink, and something to watch (Like Merlin!) I know Gee is like this xD It’s fun though, it keeps every part of whatever occupied and it makes me happy~ This is why I LIKE doing my cosplay work too… it’s because I make it enjoyable =3

Oh by the way, the coffee here? I only got it because it was on sale I havent tried it before… but I didn’t really like it. Drank it anyways! But I had better xD

Anyways… I ended up just working on Ears and my Tsubasa dress today. I’m really glad at how it’s all coming along. With watching Project runway and now Fashion King (drama)), sewing and designing is all that has been on my mind xD I refuse to even do any homework.. yet. I’ll get around to it. >.>

My name is right


So yesterday I had school. Morning class around 8ish then inbetween classes. Oh and not to mention a night class! So by the time I got home last I had to shower and blah blah blah. Anyways… I ended up doing some things online and the coffee I got right before my night class worked! Down side? I crashed pretty badly. Now doing my math this morning… I realized that I was up yesterday for.. 20 hours?
I wrote up at 6. Slept at .. 2ish. If I stayed up 4 more hours… Well I couldn’t have. I was already going crazy xD

But anyways… Write choco mocha hot its really yummy. The guy got my name right AND gave me a smiley. I’m sorry but that’s a first for me. I’ve gotten a smiley with my name spelled wrong. And what not but… This is a record xD oh starbucks… How yummy you are…