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Pose my little one



Poor little bulba was being a puppet for my cousin xD but she is quite adorable =3 She’s been so needy lately T.T I think I raised a spoiled dog… hing. But she’s so.. so.. CUDDLY! I gave her a bath today and I just wanted to squish her all day >.< It was terrible and wonderful at the same time xD

ALA is next weekend.. you know what that means!! CRUNCH TIME!

I also have been forgetting to post alot… like legit forgetting. I blame Gee. He doesn’t remind me anymore xP

Anyways I should prob get some sleep. Up early and it’s a long day for me T.T I think coffee is a requirement…


Eat it. He’s yummy!



I guess I failed to tell you guys how awesome it is Gee got a Bulbasaur cake!! Couldn’t even finish his leg though >.> Cake was immensely densed!! Though lately I’ve been craving some good.. sponge cake. The ones you get that looks like a cupcake!! Nom ^^

I really feel like eating a lot of sweets at the moment…. T.T Maybe I’ll stop by a place tomorrow, or get some green tea ice cream!! ooo >.> I want a cake with Vulpix now…. but I’d feel so bad about eating her! sooo…. maybe just a sculptor of Vulpix… or ninetails… or or… …. well let’s face it. anything cute xD

OKay feel free to just drool over the cake while I go eat some xP