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Mad… happy!

I haven’t posted this on here yet and I figured now is a better time than any? xD It’s from AX 2013~ A mini shoot at their wonderful backdrops =3 It links to my dA post so just click if you wanna read up on it a bit xD

Man.. looking back on this shoot makes me laugh >.> Really! The picture on the left was taken on day 2 when I had to work at the booth later in the day so I changed from Asuna to Mikoto. This … didn’t make my group happy cause I spent more time that day in this outfit than my main Asuna xD But either way! I was able to play photographer and made Gee (Kirito) and Heather (Liz) take pictures doing weird stuff and pose all over the place =3 It was sooooooo fun! But.. it kinda bit me in the butt later >.> Cause we saw the photo set ups and the pink bed called out to Gee -.- Oh! I forgot to mention the main reason why I didn’t change back into Asuna even though I had time to was because my feet were killing me T.T So in the picture I’m wearing flats xD (Short much? T.T) I also was feeling gross cause the hair wasn’t cooperating too =.= So in all honesty… I wasn’t a happy camper. Then Gee makes me jump up on this bed and do THAT pose… and that’s me genuinely hating it xD

(Honestly I’m not surprise there is makeup running down my face cause it was late in the day)

On the right I was so perky so that’s a lovely smile from me xD

Anyways. Point is… photos on different days work really well. Have I mentioned I’m a terrible actor? Makes it hard to get into a character for photoshoots >.< At least without some extensive planning. Need to get on fixing up Asuna very soon before Gee has to cut his hair for school xD Odd right? Well that’s what happens when he refuses to wear a wig -.-

Anyways. I took like 4 naps today and I’m still tired. I even tried working out to wake up… I guess it’s just one of those days?


Got all the badges!


Hey Guess what I did when I woke up today!!
This =.= I ended up actually getting out of bed at like 130 pm >.< Bad right? Felt so good. I did some stretching exercises afterwards.. now THAT felt good. Which reminds me.. gym=good. Go figure right?

Now… The picture you see above is where I was this morning. I have pokemon black btw~ It’s cause I think the white legendary is SO much cuter =3 Anyhow… Yes! JUST finished getting my 8th badge. Time to go beat the elite 4 and then.. who knows? Its been awhile since I beat a pokemon game o.o crazy. Makes me want to play platinum…again.

Time to go play some more? Okay… after some hw >.>

WO~ ALL 8 BADGES! They look so smexy too~



Pokemon Black and white comes out in EXACTLY one week!!!!
So so so excited for it =3

But before that day comes.. I have a week of midterms! Okay a day. But whatever.
Guess what? I decided to do less studying and look up the pokemon I want XDDD
Once again, I’m being mean and only picking pokemon that are cute. Then finding a common theme to name them all after… I’m thinking… gems? No that’s so girlie. (har) ……..cake flavors =3
Can you say.. Tiramisu?

Anyhow. Here’s some of the cute ones~

Gotta always start off with a started pokemon!! So cute right? Okay.. more .. elegant?

Done Pokemon whoreing =P

Okay.. I think it’s time to study. Gahhh… can’t.. can’t wait. To be able to NOT study =P And pokemon seems like the perfect reason to do not so =D


Black wig ftw~ cosplay!


I don’t believe I have show off this wing yet~

So I mainly bought it for my friend Kasuki~ <3
But I have also found use for it. So it’ll be used by more than one person just meaning… well my money is being put to use xD
Its a VERY soft wig. I believe Japanese microfiber wig material.. whatever. Its just really really soft. Like real hair! Maybe better.. lol!
I’ll be using this wig for ciel… yea its a bit dark but at least I have a wig for it!
I have to curl the bottom though then uncurl it for kasuki the next day! lol~

The first pic… I actually like myself with short hair. It looks.. spunky. But I wouldn’t cut my real hair that short >.<
At least not now, I like my hair long. Later on in life I’ll be cutting it short. Cause shorter hair = younger!
And vice versa of course~

I think it looks cool…
Probably awesome looking with the hat!!


Looks kinda crepy but…  I didn’t do my make-up at all so I wanted to hide a bit~ hehe.

Currently working on Sakura for ALA franticly! T.T Bought lots of clay… don’t ask xD


I stuck out..?


So I was really happy today! I found an outfit that matched like..perfectly!!! <3
Pink and black~~ Two colors that work great for me ^-^;; This is like..beyond my favorite outfit… really. hehe.

I attracted lots of attention actually… lets see… in the mall I saw many people look. Oh!

At Barnes and Nobles I saw some guy leaning on the railing and I passed him and leaned on the railing too. Then her moved and took out paper and a pencil and I guess started sktching me! I’m like.. whaaa~ Thats cool and all but kinda weird XD;; I was flattered though~

Then I had to go home and in my daddy’s work place this guy saw me and I head him say to his friend “Thats a really cute outfit” And I pretended not to hear cause it actually was far away. Then he said it again while he was closer and I’m like…huh? Then he said “Did you hear me?” And repeated it and I’m like… Thanks!! I was happy~ Cause that means it is cute~ And not too..much I hope? I dunno >.<;; I really love my pinkness~ hehe

Too bad my boots got dirty >.< T.T;;