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Big Bang’s Alive~

I’m still alive.. I’M STILL ALIVEEE~~~!!!!! <3

So to add to yesterday’s post that was done in the car… I went to the Big Bang ALIVE concert!! <3 First( ish…) ever of theirs in the US ^^ SO HAPPY~ Because of that concert though I’ve had their “theme song” stuck in my head all today so far xD

I didnt get to take many pictures because.. well they didn’t really allow cameras or picture taking stuff… but I was on the private level and SO many people were taking pictures and videos anyways so I snapped a few xD Shh~

T.O.P <333 My bias in the group =3 then it’s Tae Yang~ but TOP!!! SO many girls were yelling once he started to sing or whenever he did something. I’m not going to lie… I was part of that xD I’m very surprised my voice isn’t gone lol! AHh.h…. the craziness lol xD

So the great part of the concert which makes it different from ANY other one is that… IT was T.O.P’s! birthday!! To prove it.. we all sang Happy birthday to him at the TOP of our lungs xD har har? okay… here:

It was hilarious because I was being a “little nerd” as Gee said it. I was spazzing over things that I probably should have been during a concert…. ahh… it’s like showing a cartoon to an artist and expecting him not to analyze the drawings. It just doesn’t work!

So at the beginning they all dressed in these slick white outfits. Downside to that? It was when I was sitting far away and I couldn’t really tell them apart… BUT, I could tell who was TOP just by his dancing. He’s so awkward~ And Eru said he’s like the awkward nerdy guy which is probably why I do like TOP so much <3 I’m so over the bad boys…. I just want the cool guy T.T IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?! 

I would talk more about it.. but eh. I mean really… my favorite parts were:
-TOP’s Singing
-TOP’s awesome band hat in the encore part
-Tae yang’s shirtless body~
-The huge wings Dae sung had
-Singing Haru Haru with everyone =3 at the top of my lungs
-And the whole dang concert overall~

Of course it was pure awesomeness that I get to spend time with Eru during the concert who was less awkward than being with my siblings who didn’t really know what to do…. in terms of standing, sitting, arms? lol! So here are some pictures~


Allt he things (ish… forgot the banner) from the concert!


I tried to get a photo closer….


Me and my sister posing with our glowing armbands! She made fun of me T.T

This is just like what happened when I got back from Vegas…I miss the concert already T.TI so wish I bought one of those glowing yellow lights you see…it was a crown!