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Pacchi worthy fabric mound

 photo 20140719_131649_zps4121aa13.jpg

The fabric horde with a Pacchi comparison!! :D It took SO long to get that all nicely folded too…. minus the chiffon on top cause that wasn’t getting into any sort of folding. Hate the chiffon =.=

Anyways! At this point I found a spot for all the fabric. Since I need it accessible I moved around my closet and gave half the top shelf to it! It’s just sitting on the shelf… some in bags.. some not. Like the chiffon and tulle and velvet are in bags just to preserve and contain the madness. The rest seems to enjoy the freedom from a bag xD Josie the mannequin is having a fun time wearing two outfits at once as I’m unable to just work on one outfit but have the need to always be working on 2. xD

I also went on a snack run today =3 Got myself some healthy munchies because hot Cheetos from the kids weren’t cutting it. That and their endless supply of macaroni & cheese in a cup and microwavable dinners. btw- didn’t know mac&cheese came in simpler forms of cooking. I thought the kraft box of heating it up and pouring cheese/milk into it was easy enough o.o

So yea! Looks like 2 of them are coming along great~ The secret 2nd half is also going great~ And im super excited for it all~~ :D Been in the sewing mood so I haven’t really updated…. I have a long list of things to do tomorrow so I guess I should get some rest and wake up in a decent timely matter cause my parents are getting on my butt about it again =.= (I blog more cause I sit on my laptop in my room after my so called ‘curfew’)


pa-teon ..?

 photo DSCN3792_zps295e4ffc.jpg

Look at dem sexy ears~ xDD I finished updating the Jolteon ears! So they’re.. bigger and better ^-~ I tried to take picture nicely but… I think I was in a rush from picking up my sister and then having to run back to work =.= Anyways.. the ears actually got bigger! I think it’s because I saw my ears and went… “hmm… a little too puny lookin” But I should really be slowly weeding out the ears from my shop… Find something else maybe?

Ah! And look, pacchi =3 He’s been good to me lately… definitely been need cuddles >.> Which… since the office and working life it’s really easy for my metabolism to lower… so I’ve been trying to eat healthier and less junk food (which I’ve been LOVING chocolate and those sour patch kids lately… and more chocolate) but it’s proving to be quite unhelpful with an arsenal of snack around as well as tedious work that just makes me always want to snack.. endlessly.

Btw the title is pacchi + Jolteon = pateon? xD

Other than that… I think I’ll work on planning and what not while I try to get back into shape. T.T MY METABOLISMMM!!


Meet the ultimate cutie…


Formal introduction time!!

Meet Pacchi <3

Pacchi is a baby alpaca very fat but very cuddle.
He sports a cute plaid bow and loves to eat strawberries!
Pacchi was a gift from the wonderful Gee who gave him to me as a surprise.
I love both my boys very much =3

You’ll probably be seeing Pacchi in many pictures in the corners and what not. He’s really super adorable and even has a mad face xD It’s like having a dog but without the worry of strangling him cause he’s so dang cute (or how Jasmine says it “He’s so cute I just want to punch him” lol…)


So with that aside, you’ve formally met Pacchi! I don’t know how I thought of the name.. I kinda got it the same way I got Hunny Bunny. It just kinda slipped out… I was meaning to say alpaca but Pacchi came out in which Gee said “so that’s his name?” And I was like… “I guess so..!” So that’s Pacchi. I think I’m a little too attached to him already cause I really want to bring him to work xD He’s just so dang cuddly and is the warm hug I need everyday xDD (since Gee is so dang far anyways….) But work today was particularly harsh. I came in around noon or 1 ish and was there working to 11. That’s a good maybe 9 full solid hours of brain killing work with maybe tops of 2 hours of actual free time where I managed to sneak in some cosplay work =3 (just managing orders and emails…)

Now while I’m finally home.. it looks like I wont get working out in but I can get an anime episode, this blog post, and maybe an aram game on league =3