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Library! Shhh !


It’s been a horrible habit… with minecraft comes responsibilities. Sadly I see those in game more important than actual life soooo I went to sleep at 4am again T.T DANG MINECRAFT! I just wanted to finish my house in the sakura groove! It’s getting there =3 I’m excited~ The hard part is that the house is mainly glass so I still need to farm so much *-* Other than that….

I woke up late today… again. But I stopped getting beef about it unless I miss a walk-in appointment at the office… which is pretty bad on my part. I did get paid though for working the past few months.. not as much as I’d want or expect but it’s something and it’ll fund my cosplay! Which I want to turn your attention to a great cosplayer who just last year was crying at a real office job, quit it, and now makes enough to support her and her boo thang xD I’m envious of them… and I know I have the skill to be just as great! I just need the time and money o.o So I’m REALLY glad It’s april already~

I’m also stuck at the library while I wait for heather to come pick me up, she’s taking me to a laker game! Maybe I’ll write about it later~ But for now… I’ll awe at the law books that surround me xDD