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Can’t wait to be King~


Two weeks Lion King is in theaters for 3D as well as in 2D for the non-3D watchers. Well… we opted for the 3D~ Why? Well I’ve already seen it in 2D.. mind as well see it in 3D to make it a bit different.

I haven’t watched Lion King enough to remember most of the scenes so while watching this movie it actually felt like watching a new movie! I… I teared up >.> It still gets to me!! The sad scenes… T.T

Isn’t that kind of weird? 5:05 showing… I thought it was interesting.. lol!

This was a few days ago… I didn’t have any time today. Wanna know why? I was busy singing the “lazy song”!! xDDD Okay only for a few hours. I spent about 3… maybe 4 hours on sims 3? >.>;; Yesterday I just felt so overwhelmed with things I have to do I think.. I shut down. I couldn’t do anything!! So I played games for my afternoon!! It felt GOOD~ Then I went to the office and did a few hours of working on the site (ITS UP!! Forms don’t work -.-) And homework items =33 It’s almost 9 and.. with all the junk food and tea I’ve had, I’m still going strong~~~

I also seem to be getting some random comments now and then… I find that interesting. Not like my life is interesting.. but it gives me hope that some of the pictures and ideas might be xDD

So toodles~


Swweet nails~

Musical nails!

Musical nails!

You have to admit… these nails are pretty darn awsome!!!

Like… really. Of course they arn’t mine. Here’s a link to the actual place.. I just found it outta nowhere XD

3D Nails

Its really awsome. I use it for inspiration, but it takes mad skills to make things like that. (Also to wear it… because it takes some work >.<;;)

I love the dangleing things and.. whaa.. I wish I Had nail glue T.T


Nails in ruin


Okay not the best this time.. it actually looks better in person cause its shiny ^-^

But! They are all messed up n ow. The ones on my thumbs stayed nicely but… the others not so much. And because I can’t stick them back on because my glue won’t open T.T I give up on it… almost hurt myself because I couldn’t get it opened.

So at least I took pictures! I do with I could do more with it but… my supplies are low too >.<;;

So… here’s a picture of them because someone was suppose to see them in person tomrrow but they are messed up (like half fell off >.<o))




I’m feeling MUCH better now. I guess after having 3 blankets over me last night and drinking LOTS of water I’m good~

I mean yea occasionally I cough up some lugi’s aka flem. But I mean the sickness has to get outta me somehow right? XD;;

so I’m back to my normal self~ even without having any major medicine yesterday~ Which I’m glad. Cause I really hate taking medicine. Not normal anyhow. Don’t wanna depend to much on it.

I did do my nails. Yet. Argh. The glue got stuck so I couldn’t put any 3D ones on. I’ll end up buying some more later on. Though… later. XD Cause I really don’t go to buy it too often..

I really wanted to 3D up my nails T.T;; How sad…


omg long naooo


Long nails >.<
Not done, sitll has the old coat of sparky pink nail polish ^-^

I have to cut them before I break them off XD www
But I can’t find the nail clipper..

I also want to buy some more little gems to put on my nail and phone!

Tho imma try buying them in bulk, not big bulk but bulk…
So I can 3D my nails up again. I miss them being shiny XD
I dunno, I’ll end up doing my nails for… Chirstmas? yep!
The weekend~ hehe.