Hotel room xD


Lol a bathroom mirror pic!! xDD;;

So I took these pictures about… 1 ish in the morning… technically today.
So I’ll leave this post postmarked for today xD
Here’s just how our hotel room looks like…

So basically… the back. Enterance. Bathroom. And full closet xD
I like this room actually! Currently staying at an Inn, so breakfast buffet in the morning is awesome!
(I actually have some yogurt and an apple in the minifridge xD)
Yes! Mini fridge. nice TV. Comfy stuff. Even have a desk but… phsh. the bed is way more comfy.
And it’s nice having the heat on without having to worry about the bill. lol~

So it is a very nice vacation so far! This is just like Day 0 though. Day 1 starts when I wake up at 7:30 am! woot xD;;

(I kinda don’t wanna go home! lol!)

I really have to thank my brother for all this. He worked hard and all.. and he’s paying for most of the stuff, I’m just trying to help out with little things like gas and food. He even drives everywhere >.<


Getting to SF >.< – pic loaded!

Just to put this out… I sat in the car for 6 hours.

Six hours!!!!

So I decided to at least take some pics xD Therefore I wouldn’t be so bored and at least havae something to look forward to!
I just looked forward to getting to a new city xD lol.
Guess what Imma do on the way back? sleep -.- I didn’t wanna sleep on the way there because .. well I didn’t know what the road was like so not really sure… and my bro could always use the help. So I was awake the whole time. So here are the fabuous pics! xDD

By the time I realized I could see the city that we were going through… we were already on the Long LONG one way road to nowhere! (you can kidna see int he bottom left corner how many hours are left xD

Some scenic pics during that time.
More cities to pass through…
Scenic images throughout that time…
Lost Hills… that city. Had no hills. Thats probably why they were lost! It lasted forever though >.<
By this time it was getting pretty dark. So no mroe scenic images >.< (And there was NOTHING around…)


I will stop here. There were lots more but… seriously? 6 hours!!!

It was okay. Sang a bit. Joked around. Blah blah.
I would hate to live out in the middle of nowhere >.<