Just enough sparkle


FINALLY got a new case for my phone =3 I know I didn’t have my white one for long but… it got dirty so easily and it didn’t work as nicely as I would have hoped… SO~ I bought this black case for… $3 online which isn’t so bad actually~ I already decorated it ^^ You can see my dirty phone in the corner of the picture xDDD I haven’t put it on yet because these snap on cases are hard for me to take off without possibly ruining the phone or the case >.> Also I want to redo my invisible shield >.> My keys killed it basically xDD

Oh so can you tell why I put those things on my case~? The top is my logo =333 hehe~ Then underneath is the soot ball from TOTORO <3 THose devious little things need to be loved too ^^ I actually was about to put a crown on it and a bowl at the bottom but… then it would make my phone lopsided when I put it on a flat surface >.> see? I’m thinking ahead~

Ah so I know I didn’t post yesterday… I ended up going home super late and spent a good 5 hours helping someone make a cosplay T.T The things I do honestly >.> So I was so tired by the time I got home I barely did anything before sleeping… which was such a nice sleep.

And today… I ended up going to the office and doing things not very productive… internet was down for maybe half the day which sucked. How do people go on without internet anymore >.> So I’m in the process of decorating my office space~ I shall take a picture when I’m done! Hopefully~~ OTher than that…. tea and late night popcorn~


Deco it out~


I looked at the back of my phone today after only 2 days of cleaning the case and.. it was already dirty again!! I guess that’s what I get for thinking I could keep a white case clean >.< Sooo… I decided to put something on the back of my phone so it won’t get dirty from touching the surfaces anymore >.> Yet… I wasn’t really prepared to do anything to it soo I had to make do with what I had on hand.

Thanks to Kasu whose gift finally got used~ I love this bow~ It props up my phone so it slants and makes it easier to type… I also added a par at the bottom with gems so the bottom wouldn’t get dirty either!! I think I have a picture… oh here!


The back is still not filled and I know what I Want to fill the middle space with (a silver crown!! <3) I put all of this on so it’s interchangeable (I can take it off with ease~) Decently cute for what I Had on hand no?

Yep.. that’s the big thing I did today -.- Oh.. and I finished Merlin Season 4 :3333 SOOO excited for season 5!!!! <3


Once again, pink.


Aha!!! An actual post from my compy! I know… long time huh? I guess you know when I’m working on cosplays when I’m not posting on here so often xD That.. or maybe I’m at school. Maybe.

Anyhow. The post office has been crazy lately. me and my bro ordered something and bothe came in early o.o On the same day too! I was surprised. But its good no? I have my lovely pink case for school~ (and I adding in a little ducky~ Can’t have all my charms on there anymore or else it’ll make the case slip off, I thought a duck was fitting ^^)  Oh I also super glued my old school bag back together >.> I didn’t have time to buy a new bag this semster (nor do I have the money!) Soooo…..Super glue was only like… 2 bucks. Win!

Mmmm… I KNOW I should have more of my cosplay done but. I don’t. Little things have been setting me back. This includes using the wrong patter I drew up for an old cosplay (dang you sailor tops!) Rawr. I’ll deal with it. This cosplay isn’t … THAT important.

I also went to joanns to return some gold paint I never used… She gave it back to me in cash (like 3 bucks?) … thats just going to boba later =.=

school. Monday. Who knew winter break would end.


plants vs.. what?


Finally changed some of the charms on my phone~ Cute huh?
Cupcake from ALA. The black thing (represents metal) from a friend way back when I went to TNF. And the bear with the heart was… something my and tiff bought I believe. Maybe it was a present? I dunno. It’s actually my first time ever putting this on my phone… xD

So today… I woke up early o.o;; Went to… Boarders to meet up with Gee~ So early o.o I actually got there on time when I left later and was expecting to be late. Yay for finally getting up the courage to take a new highway?

But then we got lost o.o Don’t ask. I’m direction impaired that’s why. You should NOT ask me for any directions. I will answer you. But I can’t gaurentee it’s right xD See… thats a skill I’ve learned. Instead of saying “I dunno” I usually answer questions and TRY to make it sound right xDDD It’s fun to do sometimes~ But I have to be sure to make them know I’m sorta.. clueless o.o;;

Got Boba!! At.. Volcano.. something tea? I dunno. But I miss my royal milk tea at Quickleys x3 I dont mind going without this summer tho, cause really.. next semester.. yea. Boba ftw? xD
Went to the Asian mall!! That was cute ^-^ I love the little stores. Too bad I wasn’t looking for anything specific… I was tempted to buy the color contacts, argh. I wish I can get the with perscription!! I want them… ^^;;
Oh ohoh ohh TARO CAKE! Yea~ I bought myself some. The sponge cake, nothing too special xD

Annnnd… probably will get back into reading at night. During school I don’t like to cause.. I read the books for school. But since its summer I think it’ll be good for me to start reading again~ It may make me want to go to sleep earlier! (just so I can read longer tho xD)

Oh! Also bought the main pendant for my Miku dress~ ITs a heart ^-^

Now I think I’ll go get distracted by frikin plants vs zombie -.-




Studying! Not very successful though xD
My phone at the moment~
I still love the back of it ^-^ hopefully I can get more gems for my next design for my next phone!
I also want to take more pikapika pics? ^-^;; Whatever they might be called xD

Sushi on my phone.. it always makes me hungry! Go figure right?

Anyhow… yea studying. My mind keeps getting distracted. And no one is even talking to me now T.T
It’s just.. I guess one of those days?

And there is a very annyoing fly around me. Like those fruit ones I guess? Rawr >.<

I don’t even feel like doing cosplay.. Yea.. I’m that lazy.

Actually I had a rude awakening this morning. Sleeping soundly.. my mom comes in. Complains about how my room doesn’t look nice. That if I want to be an interior designer I should design it. That and my brother’s room. And Then she goes on about some swimsuit… and like nudges me ALOT. And hey.. I’m trying to sleep! So I get really cranky -.- And just totally made it worse by complaining to her!

Yea.. not smart. But that’s also why you shouldn’t wake me up so rudely!!