Queen – IU

Enjoy idols and groups doing covers! I love these.. okay I lied. I only like IU xD The guys afterwards are kinda disturbing >.>;;


Tonight, we own the night~

Cause we own the night =3 want to~

I always have a song stuck in my head which I dubbed my “anthem” of the time. I’m pretty sure it happens to you too… but I tend to overplay songs…. a lot. So this song has been my anthem for.. well starting today! (Finally stopped with so much Frozen music… kinda >.> Have you heard this amazing cover?! It’s seriously awesome. I give major props to her being able to sing that)

This week has been stressful on me with a license renewal… family, family more family, Tax! Noticed I didn’t put any cosplay/store related stuff on there? Yea.. you can guess why xP Even though the convention is this weekend… I’ve learned to accept what I can and cannot do. The stuff ^ up there on the other hand… doesn’t seem to be completely me. >.>;;

Honestly.. this song just makes me dance and makes me so happy while I do cosplay work!! I also could’ve put the actual video up of the song “We own the Night” by The Wanted but… it wasn’t very… great. Like.. it’s just a normal video so I found an anime music video of it just for the heck of it xD Kinda annoyed of some of the scenes but… hey it works still I guess!

But really. The main line I love? “We are only young if we seized the night” Cause nothing is going to get done for me unless I take it.

So close yet so far… let’s see how much insanity I can do tomorrow. I did work out today… lots of cardio so I can work out my body a bit before the harsh con world xP



not- “Friday”

*starts dancing* See the cute vid yet? She’s so adorable~

I can always count on IU to make me go “aww!” And instead of any complaining about my day (especially since I’m writing this in the morning) I’ll go with things I love…

I love that the new year is coming… I was never really enthusiastic about 2013 but at the same time it’s really just a number.. I’ve been learning to take life one day at a time.

I love music and it’s ability to keep me sane in the toughest situations
(Did you hear the Japanese version of “Let it go” from Frozen?! It’s quite something… I still like the English and Polish version more though xD Well maybe. At least I can sing to the Japanese and English version… )

I love my cosplay work not as a way to escape but as a way to live out.


Let it go

 photo Frozen-Elsa_zpsa5903444.jpg

So if you follow my twitter… you know I watched the movie Frozen quite recently!! And man, was that totally worth it =3 It’s maybe the … 3rd.. 4th movie I’ve actually seen with Gee in theaters for the past. what 4 years?!

Point is.. I REALLY liked it. Its probably because I related more towards Elsa who you hear singing in this song =3 And I love this song just cause…. well it sounds great and its pretty inspiring? I dunno. I think if I just go forward into what I want I’ll be able to shine through all this… restrictions.

But this is why I really like Elsa…. she’s suppose to be the perfect girl but that perfect girl just isn’t her xD But let’s face it, I think she’s alot better just as her which just happens to be perfect. (which is not-not-perfect? xD Okay I give up)

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know”


“That perfect girl is gone!”

Yea…. I think I’m done being the perfect girl XD Pretty darn obvious with all the changing my family has been trying to do. (Looks like my office is getting the bore effect xP) but it’s stopped bothering me so much…. I feel like I’m finally taking on something that’s making me so excited for the future!

Plus it’s kinda nice I don’t try to hide off cosplaying or sewing anymore. IT’s alot more… free =3

Yea. This post was to just show the video/song xD I know! Two video posts in a row…!


wings of piano

Been loving this particular song just because it’s so.. soothing! Especially when I really feel winded up.

Anyways… hopefully I’ll have something great to post tomorrow! but for now… I’ve been home past midnight for two days straight so I’m super tired… >.< Don’t ask. Nothing bad I swear!! Just… like being away from home~