Flying off at the speed of light

Team Rocket Bows

I did so much administrative work today… trying to get it all out of the way before the lovely crafting times comes around. Cause I’ve noticed its harder for me to sit and do things at the comp than just sitting at a desk and doing some crafting work xD so I updated pages, the shop, got a trip planned out, and more importantly…. replied to as many messages and I could o.o Cause im terrible at replying back T.T I can’t wait for the day I have an assistant >.>

I finally got some new bows up! Decided to get a little more fancier with my bows and so now they have details like this~ Team rocket bows! The top is what I thought they’d wear xD the bottom two are interpreted from a team rocket pokeball I saw where the pokeball is black and white with a big fat red R on the top! I was debating on selling the winged headbands online but… actually decided against it. I might have it as a con-only item because shipping just isn’t worth :/

I also played league today since… a week ago. It’s been awhile and it felt good to play. Although I started to get a little nervous.. it happens. I play syndra a lot and the ball placement and timing is just so crucial. It’s so fun but …well.. stressful! kinda like cosplay anyways xD

Well hope you like the new bows! :D



Sketch, Double pony tail!


Selfies at the office! I finally am able to put my hair in a double pony tail clip so I’m SUPER happy =3 It’s been awhile since my hair got cut shorter by an… unfortunate accident. So this selfie (where you can see some slight eye bags now forming) is just… well it kind of reminds me of the old days where I would JUST post selfies (before they were called selfies!)

And on the right is just the new sketch that I finished today~!!! I’m… okay with it. It’s weird… lately my sketches don’t even start with a complete idea. It’s kinda like my poetry… I just start with a line and run with it. I finally exported my writings (which are mainly done on my phone) onto a backup file via email. I think last night I just thought… “if I lose these files… I’ll be REALLY sad.. cause I don’t have the memory to recreate them exactly” So that’s my sketch… I hope it’s getting better. I’ve been trying to sketch something during my breaks at the office…. it’s been proving to be doing well so far xD Plus I’m getting better at drawing the bodies without a reference picture!! I love it when you get to that stage~

Yea… office day today was horrible T.T I just kinda died off from lack of food… a headache… and then just shivering like a small hairless dog. =.= It was the worst. I honestly don’t see why I just didn’t go home…..

Yep. My bloging has been horrible lately but that’s also partly due to Mineralz. What is that you ask? It’s an aracade game on Starcraft! Yep. It eats up a good… 3 hours of your life if you can live through the game. And that’s just crazy… but after nights and nights of dying… we finally beat it!!! -happy dance- The group wants to play again but I don’t think I’m up for it at such a headache level….. T.T

But my headache level is just fine for updating my social media sites =3


Snakeish design

 photo snakesketch_zps5523af6b.jpg

After 5 hours of straight work I finally declared myself a break xD Cause honestly… once you start falling asleep on the computer you know its bad >.> While eating almonds and drinking black tea. You’d assume all the caffeine would get to me lol

One nice thing about work is ~ I got myself a personal work printer! It’s quite amazing especially since It can scan documents directly to my computer files =3 So … I needed to test it! And naturally a sketch would really show off if it catches all the details! So I took my break while sketching this out. I’m not sure what it is but Gee says it reminds him of a snake. Which is all fine by me, I like snakes =3

My sketching has gotten really rusty but only in terms of drawing people’s figures…. I really can’t draw bodies so well >.< But details.. oh I can draw details =3 At least I try?

I got a good work out in today. I’m going back on a tighter schedule for myself with work, a healthier lifestyle, and play =3 But I don’t feel like any of it is a chore … is that weird? I actually am a little more eager to work at the office cause it’s something that I can only do myself. Plus it’s just easier if I take charge xD And then a healthier lifestyle has been my goal for awhile and I’ve noticed a difference in energy levels based on it. Of course “play” really consists of cosplay/catching up with people/web surfing and stuff like my blog posts. Oh and sketching! I’m debating if I want to keep posting up my sketches… maybe I’ll color them? =3

I’m working on ALA photos now~ Working on getting them up before Friday!


Collection peek

 photo DSCN3373_zpsf8807b99.jpg

Sneak peek to my designs! You can pretty much see them in this but I’m not giving out the larger files just yet xP I’m pretty happy with how the designs flow together… I’m naming this “Victorian fantasy” so far… I mean I can’t really find a good name for it because originally I was going for Victorian but it went to something more fantasy like…

Didn’t really get to work on it today… didn’t even touch the page and script for it =.= Gee’s been forcing me to work on talking in front of a camera and I’m just freaking out about it. Really. Freaking. Out. So I spent today studying and getting ready for an actual work day tomorrow! Wo? Eh. But then I have some fun plans afterwards so I’m a little more excited~ hehe.

Hope you like the sneak peaks! Can you believe I want to actually MAKE those?! I drew them thinking of what it would look like together as a collection…


Practice practice!

 photo DSCN3277_zps62c8a86a.jpg

Just a sketch~ I’m practicing my folds and how certain fabrics will represent itself on paper by looking at a dress online and using the design for reference! So this design up above is your typical trumpet styled dress. although I really do like how the bottom ruffles start… I improvised a little on the side ruffles >.>

Today I… I went to Joanns to get some little supplies and… it turns out I have to go return them because they screwed up the coupons -.- Then I got dragged out to the office to decorate which.. didn’t go well cause my mother got completely wrong looking frames for the wall and I went to go pick out the ones I like and go figure… it’s the only ones not on sale =.= So I’m kinda sad… T.T

Oh!!! Oh the bright side. I started Tera today and it’s oddly addicted. I hate the travel time but I love the graphics and fighting style. I love the no point and click.. it’s just skill! So I get to jump around and dodge as much as I want~~ I love archers =3