Tako. Tako. Yaki!!



たこやき。 たこやき! たこやき!!!!<3
きょう まるかい にいきます~ この たこやき は とても おいしいだよ~
ん! そして。。。

この。。。 fishie. xD I forgot what it was called.. something yaki? xD Mmm.. it was custard inside. But oddly enough, it wasn’t as great. I think it was undercooked. It was still softish soggyish… I like them more crispy… I haven’t had really good ones yet. Unless they are suppose to be like this o.o
The Takoyaki on the other hand was DELICIOUSSSSS~ Like… REALLY good. All the sauce on it and.. /drools
It made my day ^^

Because this morning I woke up at 630 and went to The hilton to listen to people talk. Apparently my body didn’t like it sooo… I ended up taking 3 naps. One when I got there… one after break. And another after lunch! What did I learn? Eh… not much. I honestly didn’t understand much of it because.. I’m not into real estate xD Yes… this is my real estate job coming out. You don’t hear much about it because I don’t consider it a big part of my life >.<

Oh and during the conference… it looked as though my jacket was really green.. I also matched my brother completely =.= We both wore gray cardigans and somewhat white underneath xD Ohhh… never doing that again!! I was so mad that it was green..  but it figures that it was just the lighting in the room.

Omgsh!! So we went to Denny’s for lunch and I thought it would be good which is why we went there. We got our meal.. it was SO bad. Like… I was completely disappointing and couldn’t finish it. We got nachos… which looked like they were lacking a lot on it. And a BLT where… the bread was small.. but worse.. it looked as though they just toasted it and left it out!! When we got it, there was no heat at all in the sammich and the bacon was not crispy, it was hard. Oh! Did I meantion the toast was burnt. A fail completely. btw, if you want to know which denny’s I went to. The one on Orangewood and Harbor Blvd in anahiem. Just thought you’d like to know. I’m giving that place no stars. The girl never came back to ask if we were doing alright either!! My brother gave them a $2 tip. I thought he over tipped them by 1.50. And I’m being generous >.> Worse. 20. Bucks. Spent. Ever.

Hmm… I had brilliant ideas during my time at the RE thing, maybe I’ll share them later. Maybe~




だんご。 だんご。 だんご。

すみません! 私の 日本語は ぜったい わるい。 T.T
でも、 あたしの せがたかい いもおとは 日本語の クラス を 予定。
だから、 今 日本語 を  ならう。。。またしても。

やった? xD

Wow I’m unbelievably rusty. I actually had to look up a word or so. Time to bust out Genki Book again >.<
It’s been collecting so much dust next to my bed T.T
And I can’t actually take Jap 101 at school cause of the days T.T -.-;;

So! I’ll try to practice more now… maybe just help my sister out in Japanese. And then I also need help in Viet. T.T
But I need to practice if I wanna go to Japan next summer!! I will go >:D

(Oh translation of the top? My Japanese is horrible and my sister is gonna take the class. Oh and I’m trying to learn japanese … again -.-)





私の 日本語 はわるい。xD

だから、エルキーくん いしょうに 日本語 を べんきょうします。

ケエキ が ほしいだよ! おねがい? <3

(Ah, gomen to Erukii if you can only see boxes! x3)


Mameshiba — まめしば







ああ でも、すこし。。。へん?


そして コンプタアは日本語をタイプしますです!

(This last sentence is probably wrong but, I finally decided to figure out how to type in Japanese on my lappy. I’m happy. I also added the sidebar to my desktop, it’s awesome!)


変 – hen~


そうね。。。あたし は 変だよ~ ^-^;; でも。。。良い変? XD;;

この しゃしん に バレンス と ノベルス を 撮る。。
あたし の かお は ちょっと ピンク ね? すこし。
アア~ 今 何も する。 つまらない 日!!

DS を あそびます~