Archive | April 21, 2017

Do what you can


These weekend trips have been quite fun~ I’m happy I’m able to get some interesting picture in different place! Trying to keep track of it all so I keep a reference and take lots of pictures =3

Its weird… I definitely didn’t think I’d enjoy being outside and walking about. xD But then again… I didn’t think I’d be like this a few years ago. And not like it’s a bad thing. I’m quite happy with where I’m at and where I’m going. I didn’t think I would be but at once point in time my mindset switched and I just had a slightly different outlook on life. But mainly… I wanted to make sure I was moving forward and not getting stuck in one spot. I see too many peers from all walks of ages get stuck where they are not able to more forward in life whether it’s because education, jobs, friendships, distance, etc etc. There are plenty of different reasons that can contribute to it.

We all grow. Change. And adapt. It’s not a bad thing… it’s just part of life. I have a friend who seems a little sad I went into accountancy more instead of pursuing my designing. And… it’s not that I’ve given up designing… I just believe I can also succeed in accountancy and it’ll give me the backbone for me finances. Plus… I’ve always had the vision of opening up businesses and to do that I really need to know my finance stuff. I just want to expand my borders a bit :D Never a bad thing to do as long as it makes you happy. And …although I never thought it would, I am pretty happy doing it. It’s like a huge sudoku puzzle and it’s quite fascinating. But let’s face it, sudoku is so much more entertaining xD

So I’m not living in some condo with a dog and a stable job. Well.. sorry 12 year old me xD I let you down a bit. But hey, life doesn’t go how you’d think. I am working fexible hours, heading towards state certification and have a wonderful boyfriend that somehow get’s what I’m saying… most of the time xP

Sometimes I get people say “omg, how do you do all this?” Well.. you pick a goal. You work at it. You get it. Pick a new one and go again! I’ve gotten cosplay accomplished this way. My degree. My certifications. Fashion shows. Yea it’s hard work but… it’s totally worth it :D