So I’ve known this for awhile now but never really found it THAT relevant until rather recently. Aka…  I decided to read the whole article. xD The problem I find with articles that try to pinpoint who you are as a person is that… as people living in similar spaces we share a lot of the same feelings as even experiences. So when I read things like horoscopes that tell me that I’m… let’s say active. I go, yea I am! Or that I’m shy. But in reality I probably can somewhat align with all the possible outcomes. And even if I don’t, I get to feel special that I’m not like “one of the many” who do. So really it’s a win-win situation for those who are writing these things.

Sorry. Off track. But this is the personality test that’s known to be a little more accurate and more aligned with how you answer certain questions. One of my old friends made me take it a long time ago and I took a class in university that expanded on the idea of using it to help the workplace.

So I’m an INFP. known as the “mediator” group. Funny thing is.. I never knew why I always had the urge to either write or do some poetry… well. I found out why xD
^ that’s me in a nut shell

I bring this up because today in class I found that I am able to easily talk to certain people. You’d assume it’d be those who are closer in age. But nope. I found myself talking to a girl whose 2nd language is english and an older man who has such a sense of humor with a sharp mind. That’s one one side of me. On the other side sits 2 guys (and I normally get along well with guys) they’re undergrads and… well. I find it more difficult to understand them and articulate what I’m thinking. It’s weird.

It reminded me today that… I really don’t care about age or looks. I really care about personality and …well intent really.

One thing about me though… I’m terrible with keeping up with people. In general. It’s not that I don’t like to, it’s never really been in my nature. But if someone makes the effort to talk to me then I’ll usually gladly respond! I’m actually quite happy when people send messages or questions.

So…what’s your personality?

–Side note: There’s not a personality that will encompass you completely I feel like. So don’t take it all to heart!


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