I happened to come across this video about long distant relationships today which kind of encompassed what it’s kind of been like. At least from my point of view xD Kind of sucks that I don’t really have anyone to kind of know what it’s like. I have friends who have always been in LDRs (long distant relationships) and some whose longest distance is an hour away! So when you factor in time zones, school and … just life. It gets a little bit more difficult.

I do like one point she makes which is…. it forces you to become independent. And that was one thing I didn’t really like at first… but then I’ve found to really like it. I’ve seen some girls who can’t do anything without their significant other and it’s just not how I want to be. Yet, at the same time I do feel a bit envious that they can have someone else around and helping them out all the time. It reminds me of the word “princess” and how I’ve never really liked it. I guess it’s just associated with someone who is always waited on. But then again maybe that’s why I’ve titled my latest collection “queen”. Can’t help but to like the powerful independent kind of women xD

Anyways. I don’t mean to bash on anyone’s relationship. If it works for you, then it works! Can’t really ask for more than just being happy~ And yes, if you are wondering at all, I am happy. I’ll always have this underlying sadness while in an LDR but… there’s not much else to do than revel in the happy moments~


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