Introverted, sorta.


I was thinking how introverted I am >> I was (well still sort of am) a shy kid and that stuff kind of sticks even as growing up. You just kind find ways to diminish it but it’s still there at the core. But I was thinking… why don’t I mind talking to random people now? I thought about it last night and came to the conclusion that I like having the opportunity to make someone’s day a little better. I usually don’t bring grief or hardships to them >>

I wrote that tidbit a few days ago and just the other day this happened! What happened? This wonderful Tiramisu dessert~ It was really good and quite different. Anyways the waiter that came by and just asked us questions ended up really liking us and gave us dessert on the house :D It was quite good and oh man I want some more =3

Just shows spending a bit of time to get to know people here and there can be a mutual benefit. (And of course sometimes it bites you in the butt but… hey, it’s always going to be a risk)

Anyways, it’s kind of like how Ellen always says “be kind to one another”.
It’s not going to ever really be a bad thing to do. & how can I ever regret being nice?
Remember, be nice but be firm with yourself! Don’t let yourself get pushed around with your ideals but always educate yourself to know what’s right.



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