Hiking continues


In an attempt to get my family to be more active, me and my brother have decided to really dedicate ourselves to get up early Sunday mornings to really get out and see new sights! So far it’s been going really well and it’s good to see my parents really get out and just enjoy good scenery and weather! I’m quite proud of my dad who doesn’t really get out at all be able to conquer a full trail of uphills and huge steps. And for a trail that has many dogs, my mom did not freak out as much as I thought she would xD So it’s all good!

For the most part that is xD I mean I do get annoyed at my parents pretty often still but that’s usually resulting from being hangry and them not understanding where I’m really at in life >< It’s always a hectic planning battle in my head and I’m surprised I’m keeping up. Ever have those moments? Where your brain goes a little faster than writing or speaking. It’s been happening to me lately and I’ve been trying to write things down right when that happens xD It helps!

Speaking of writing, I think after this planner I’ll really design my own. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I haven’t forgotten about it!

BTW, in an attempt to edit this picture so the background was as nice as I saw it… my face shadows got a little distorted xD It’s okay though! It was a no makeup day anyways. & look, the city of LA~ I believe this hike was near the Hollywood sign! Quite a trip xD


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