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Always getting older

img_20170203_124537_736I have my updating spree on random platforms and sometimes… I just go MIA XD It’s weird that way xD Anyways I took this picture off of my instagram story xD If you are remotely interested I’m now at @majestidesigns :D

Slowly weeding out my cosplay name of kimikotan. It’s not that I don’t like it… I think I just have found majesti to be easier xD Plus already I’ve gotten more people go “hey isn’t that majesti designs?” And at first I was really flustered but now I’m like… internally freaking out. When I say more people I mean… no one has ever done that with my cosplaying xDD They do tell you in business school branding is very important!! I see it now >>

School has been tough tho. I’m doing part-time but it’s still really hard to juggle everything >< Getting the hang of it!

I also am realizing I’m getting pretty old. I mean, not like I’m ever getting younger right? lol. But as I get older… so are my parents. And I know I’ve complained in the past but… I’m really starting to fully appreciate all they’ve done. Heck my dad is still working hard hours to get my sister through her fancy college >< I feel bad. But I see their health start to drop and I get worried. Thinking of getting my butt up early to make them work out with me xD It’s like family work out time! ^^;;

Yes sometimes my parents still drive my crazy but… eh. It’s how they are. I’m pretty sure I drive them crazy too so it’s pretty even.

It sucks though. When parents are at prime age they have kids and us kids don’t either remember how they were back then (cause games OP) or we just don’t fully appreciate it. Maybe that’s why I’m a bit annoyed a the little sister, our parents are actually quite accommodating. They just want a little talk in return, or for us to just be there for important holidays.