I’ll be feeling that later


img_20170212_092018_785Ok. Maybe not the most flattering picture of me xD But in my defense I never get up at 6am anymore especially when sleeping at about 2am. >> Mistakes were made.

If there’s one thing most people know about me it’s… I’m not very much of an outdoor type of person. Although I love seeing scenery and taking photos outside! :D I think it’s just bugs and sun I’m kinda meh about.

With that in mind I was able to convince my family and friends to start hiking! So we JUST went on one (if you see my random story on IG) and it was quite successful! It’s probably my 2nd time going hiking and the 1st time really discouraged me to the point where I would just flat out deny wanting to go. But honestly, being prepared and having a group that’s about my level of active (which is like a 1 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being active).

It was fun! I didn’t have any makeup and my hair go wreaked by the wind… but it wasa worth it~ Next time, totally need to remember my hat and probably invest in a bag so I don’t have to carry my phone so awkwardly. OH! It was a great trail for pokemon catching too =3

It’s my attempt to be active and I’m glad it’s actually starting to work! Now my plan is to get it in routine (at least twice a month!? Ideally once a week) and keep it at least until AX in July. This was I can also drag Gee along~ I think it’d be fun :D

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