A photo


It’s been awhile hasn’t it?! I know I’ve been MIA xD I’ve been doing the blog-ish type writing more on my patreon lately actually! But nothing really compares to when I have this endless space where… it sits here and the random passerbys may see it by some odd miracle xD

Life though? It’s been decent. Still in the same place but more content with it. Just today my mother saw me and instantly went “why are you doing all this, it’s not making you any money is it?” and I looked at her kind of like… this again?! Keep in mind this used to happen quite often and I’d always feel terrible afterwards. Now? Well I looked at her and went “I do it for my happiness and life satisfaction” and then she went speechless… until she found more stuff to pick at ><

See, I understand where she’s coming from but it’s something that keeps me sane… keeps my brain thinking of endless possibilities and honestly it’s really personally rewarding for me.

I have been thinking lately of trying to expand my follower base but that’s never something that’s really interested me. I feel like I need a public media person to take that over xD I’d love to talk with people who are interested in my work more one-on-one but… ugh. I just don’t have the space for it >< It’s been months of me trying to figure out how to get a stream schedule figured out … and if it’d be rewarding xD Oh gosh. I’m working on it guys, really.

Oh yea. And the picture is from a recent casual photoshoot! Posting more on fb and etc etc later. Trying to space it out a bit so I have stuff for later >> But everytime I do that… I forget to post it. AHH! =.=



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