Back to a planner


I now spend my night relaxing and getting in planning. I started to use my paper planner again because I have so much tong-term things planned…it was just easier to see it out and flip month to month seeing it all so easily. So I went back to use up the rest of my last school planner. Funny enough though, I have written more in it now than when I was in school! Shocking to me…

It’s actually blurred out so much because I have some info on there that I probably shouldn’t show xD But meh. I also got a new app on my phone that acts like a mini photoshop and instagram filter! It’s quite wonderful so far but I’ve only used it a handful o times.

I thought since I felt really zen tonight I’d do a little bloging~ I wanted to take some progress pictures of what I’ve been working on but my brother decided to sleep abnormally early and I didn’t wanna bother him with my sewing machine..

Oh! I also bought a new cute rabbit planner online~ It should be coming in next week! I’m so excited~~~ It’s one of those dateless ones so even if I stop using it, I can pick it up later and start whenever I want to! :D

Sigh. Ok. Time for me to sleep.  I have a long day tomorrow to prepare for the weekend of festivities! aka errands and backlog LOL…. I laugh but I face-palm. aha~~~~



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