Just a glimpse of what my room looks like! Above my bed I have all the nerdy artwork I’ve either bought or was given/traded with other artists~ All in the middle of it lays my badges from various cons~ Just today I told Gee that it’ll be like over our 10th AX which is probably why we’re at the point of “seen it all before” and he thought it was the 8th or so time… nope. We’ve seen the beauty of the Anaheim convention center and the horror of Long Beach CC XD Funny thing is he started cosplaying and going to cons before me! Isn’t that something, he’s a bigger nerd than me :P So even tho we probably passed each other by in the halls of AX, I’ve only known him for what… 6 years ish? Still doesn’t seem that long to me but…I guess it has been o.o

I got dolled up and put on asuna wig for Valentine’s day because I didn’t really have much else to do. It’s just one of those things that you do if your in the mood for it I suppose.

Ah. My days have been going by so quick with all the work on my plate o.o But that’s ok! It’s all towards a prettier future~

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day~ And even though I’m kinda  late on this, Thanks Hikari for the shout-out on twitter! I had a good Valentine’s day, hope you did too!! :D



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