Winter con season over


The heavy work load is finally gonnee!! …….. LOL who am I kidding. It’s never really gone. But I did get to take a few days to catch up with life xD Took a break and played some games (FINALLY!)

So ALA 2016 was quite interesting! I got to show in the fashion show and I also got to staff again~ It was quite the busy con and I’m really glad I didn’t have a table to look after either o.o Talk about spreading myself out too thin ….

But for once I got to “ride” on waffles~ The horse! XDDD It was a fun little thing we did after the whole show and packing it all up was over. I’m uh… side saddling it XDDD

I’m really glad I was able to show my designs tho and the con was great. I also got the most ribbons I’ve ever gotten so far :D One of the ribbons I got “poisoned” by a snow white handing out apples :D Chocolate apple lolipops. Also got free pokemon cards cause… the pikachu coin was adorable~ Ajka was sooo nice and on top of free lodging I got a bracelet from her!

So much happened it kinda became a blur… BUT! I’m back on the track of being productive and showing work and updating etc etc~



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