I want a next cosplay


I REALLY want to do a new cosplay for ALA coming in Jan! I may still be staffing, will not be table-ing but I may be booked for another event there anyways! I think my days at the artist alley table selling is pretty much over xD It was really fun while it lasted though~ But as the cycle goes you don’t see artrists sit there forever o.o Eventually they fade away and hopefully to better things! And that’s what I’m doing… and I’m so glad~

So a few really packed months coming soon! Kinda getting stressed with everything I have to do. The research doesn’t make it any better >>

Minus all the whine I do…. which usually involves serious mind puzzles. I kinda picked the outfit I wanna try to finish for ALA! As you can see… it’s this ninja mage girlie~ I tried to look for an anime outfit and couldn’t… so I went to games LOL I dunno if I’ll be able to get around to making it. Doesn’t seem too difficult (I say that but you know it always is LOL) Plus that hair bow right!? :D



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