my 2 favorite things


Had a family vegas trip! Which is now getting a little more common so it’s like o.o kinda shocking to me. But whatever xD I guess its good since my family never takes trips T.T Well more like it’s rare xD

But I took this picture!! It’s cute! I love the blue *-* Love how they pleated it and the bottom has the gold shine~ It’s what I was trying to do with some of my stuff but I didn’t have the money to spend on the pretty gold thread in bulk T.T

(and do you see that underboob?! LOL It’s armored!) Can you imagine seeing an actual girl wear this? would be awesome LOL

Anyways. I spent only a night there and we left late in the day and left earlier the next day =.= Kinda sucks to go with elderly people that…. can’t move around a lot. It’s funny cause I think she’s just used to everyone doing everything for her so she’s gotten lazy and thus can’t do anything o.o While my grandma could probably outrun me LOL Oh gosh I’m terrible =.= Working on it I swear!


Now THIS baby of mine =3 makes me SO happy. I spotted this cute little elephant so easily. He was in a little store full of trinkets of feng shui stuff. And I’m not normally into it but DO YOU SEE HOW HAPPY HE IS?! omg. I died a little. And at that point I knew I would regret not buying it… so I bought him. =3 And just looking at his happy face makes me smile~ And anything that does that I think is worth it! So this trip? Totally worth with that elephant~

I also was told I’m a super picky gambler. So I will only play on a table or machine that really sticks out to me. My brother likes to play on whatever catches his attention but… its vegas. It’s meant to catch your attention =.= iono I just kinda go with gut feeling. I found if I just play like my brother I lose alot o.o but if I got with my guts and play very selectively I end up winning most the time :D Lets see… I only ended up playing with a $20 and whatever I won off of that. Well lets just say I didn’t go bankrupt~ lool

I came home pretty early. We had dinner and I went straight to work o.o I have many deadlines and it’s kinda scary o.o But hey, it’s the push I need to really get this thing off the ground and I’m excited!

ps. the title? fabric and elephants LOL



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