pudy lookin rocks


Excited to finally get some rocks for some accesories I’ve been trying to dip my hand into~ I’ve always been told to not take my hobby into my work but … that’s what I’ve done. And I’m not hating it cause I get new hobbies and I still love my work xD It’s wonderful. Still fighting off parents about getting a certification that doesn’t mean anything to me =.= Maybe they’ll come around, who knows maybe I’ll come around. But I’m glad to have a good team close to me~ Wish I did have a partner in this though. Still working on that XD

Anyways. THESE ROCKS. So they are rose quartz grade A. I got a pound of them to test out some wire wrapping and what not. I mean if I can’t use them then I think they will look pretty in a fish bowl or just to hold my brushes up more >> sooo win win?

I’m not gonna lie I’ve been a bit lazy lately. Been playing Sims 3 again cause different careers lol. I never got a chance to really explore and what not. But been doing that… meh. Which honestly sims passes the time so quick it’s kinda amazing. but I have so much to do and I really don’t wanna fall into the trap of slacking off even though I mainly work from home. So guess what?! STARBUCKS~ LOL I wonder if anyone tried to put starbucks as thier office and take off coffee as an office expense… lol. I dunno if that would work. I highly doubt it tho xD



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