set up test


Decided to test out a make-shift white background for taking “nicer” pictures of the outfits I’ve made! Yea… It’s a working process with the lighting and angles etc etc. Not quite there yet so I’m still working on it xD But hey, looks pretty decent so far? I wish I had my decorative dressform…. but nope!

Today I just bought a few things online to make accessories to compliment the dresses! I’m super excited for them to come in :D But until then… well I need a plan and it’s funny how to make a plan I need to plan out a day to plan.. it. … … yea. hope you got that. lol!

Oh hey. you see l’humpy on the chair over there. She recently got her space invaded sooo….shes been chilling with me until I figure out where to put her…

Ah. Ok. Majesti Designs is ALMOST ready to launch. I’m getting there…. QQ.



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