still packed


Still in the mist of cleaning up my work desk and sorting everything out~ So the dresses are still in it’s bag waiting for a temp home as I try to find one T.T I don’t have alot of room in the house so I’m trying to make-do as I keep expanding. SO, I just cleaned out a storage container under the bed which contained a lot of old cosplays/fashion items…. going to wash them all and either store them again for sentimental reasons or put them up for sale! Probably for dirt cheap just so I can get rid of them xD I haven’t gone through all my old cosplays so I’ll do that tomorrow to fully see what I can put on sale…. and if no one buys them I’ll probably just start tossing them T.T I hate doing that so I really do hope I can find a home for them even though they are poorly made in my eyes >> We’ll see!! One of the outfits int he pile is my much loved Alice from Wonderland maid! It’s still So adorable but I’d rather just remake than wear it again…. so … on sale it is!! More info on that later though~

Started on a commission I’ve been neglecting for a time being (yes the client does know too, so no worries, I don’t neglect and not tell them LOL) So now I’m cleaning, creating up the brand majesti designs, and working on commissions! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to take some fancy shots of the designs before I store them until the photoshoot…. I hope so. I’ve been waking up and after eating and some time up I start to get these massive headaches o.o like migraine headaches T.T the day before yesterday I lived with it and got sick. yesterday I just took meds as relief. And today I drank coffee and it went away LOL gg right?

Getting back into the groove of business and really trying to not be lazy XD it gets hard sometimes especially when it seems everyone around me tends to always be playing something XDDD I WANNA PLAY TOO T.T But hey. work hard play hard right?


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