It’s an elephant!


Well I’m pretty happy! I had a successful fashion show yesterdaaay! And that means I finished all my outfits (though not with all the details I want) and no one tripped or fell~ XD Although they messed up my music a bit but meh. It’s ok lol!

And when I came home and slept I woke up to a package! weee!! It probably came yesterday though but I almost forgot this was coming in~ It’s a crey striped elephant scarf! its SUPER soft and oh so wonderful~~ Gee bought it for me in Las Vegas and im really happy he did! It’s quite useful o.o Although I can’t believe he bought me a gift on his bday =.= but its great >>;; let’s not make that a trend k? xP

We met a lovely person in a store named Winky Designs~ They have some wonderful little things that I had to try to persuade myself not to buy it all >> I took the last grey elephant scarf so you might be able to try later if you want the same but for now… hehe. mine! :P

More on my fashion show later, for now I’m gonna rest up from getting very little sleep these past couple days and then work on Majesti Designs and more! Thanks again to Gee for a little present after such a hectic showday! (And the place to crash and sleep afterwards LOL)



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