Vegas Trip… again!


I had a wonderful time in Vegas once again for Gee’s birthday :D We like using him as an excuse xD I guess that’s a good thing about summer birthdays! It was really an exciting weekend for not really having anything planned o.o We just winged it but we found ourselves crunched on time and just wanting to always do more! (for me that would be gambling.. cause yea. I barely got to touch that at all)

So we started off our trip at night and it took us 7 hours because we had to backtrack into the city. So we literally went a circle around places just because of a forgotten wallet >> And an ID is kinda important for vegas so our 4 hour trip turned into like…6? 7 ish? Something like that.

But we came into Las Vegas around 3am and decided to go out to look for 24 hour places to get something to eat. We noticed there were still alot of people out, apparently the clubs just closed so there were ALOT of slutty lookin gals out, it was nice :D Some of their heel game is STRONG.

We ended up staying up till around 6am just uh, celebrating Gee’s birthday a bit in the hotel. Then passed out as we played cards~

Woke up to get a really big craving for… CREPES!


It was one of the best I’ve ever had >> So yummy and totally worth the little walk!! It was also one of the few times I had savory crepes but nomnom~~~ after we did some shopping and Gee bought me a super SUPER adorable elephant scarf :D It’s being shipped because we literally took their last one in stock >> So I can’t wait until that comes in to take pictures of!!

Then we went back to the hotel to “split up” and do our own things which didn’t really happen as we all stayed really in the hotel where alot of ironing went on for the clubbing part later… and napping. I took a nap and they ate my cheese-its >> Which I later finished off LOL But yea! We also did a bit of TV watching cause outside was hot and we were really lazy and tired to move around again…. I also feel like I’m wasting time sitting in a hotel during a vacation but honestly… I didn’t mind it TOO much this trip. Still sorta bothered me but not really lol!

And then we got into the club XS which is at the Encore hotel… REALLY nice place btw. The club was soooo nice, alot better than the last one we went to >> Plus ZEDD actually was DJ-ing that day!! It was awessommme, I have a newfound appreciated for good DJs. Cause before him there was a guy doing it that was meh. Like sometimes it was good but it didn’t really make us feel like moving. We were actually contemplating to leave early before ZEDD came on but I’m glad we stuck around~ The top left picture is from that time, so many people and the lights were bright, music loud, it was wonderful lol. But man you don’t wanna smell my dress after that… it was gross >>


And we ended up still leaving the club early (like… 3am? Iono… lost track of time) And with that we slept, woke up early! Got some breakfast to-go and left for the long drive hommmeeee. Seems like the longest but shortest weekend EVER. QQ Planning on going again sometime before the year is done! Why? Cause we didn’t get time to see a show but I really want toooo!

I don’t have any pictures of the group cause I had Gee take them all on his phone =.= And I haven’t been able to get them yet!! QQ

Whelp. Back to work. I HAVE A SHOW TO DO!



One thought on “Vegas Trip… again!

  1. well a little late happy birthday to gee hope you all had fun in las vegas and somehow it seems to be a yearly thing to go there isn’t it ^-^

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