Kiki :D



So I took a day out of working to spend some time with Gee and friends… so it kinda turned out to be a double date >> But it was cute! So I met Gee and we had some errands which included craft shopping and some lunch. Then we met up and waiting in a really really long line to see the Ghibli Gallery Exhibit that had a grand opening night! The line was crazy and I dunno if it was worth it but it was an experience that’s for sure~ I took some pictures of some cute artwork~ Been wanting some really cute kiki artwork cause I love finding artwork of cosplays I do~

They were actually selling some artwork like artist alley style along the sidewalk which was nice~ so half of us ended up getting artwork… not me though. Wallet not strong XD

It was a fun day though!! Also had sushi that was really yummy and boba!! Cause boba. Plus they don’t believe in my desserts anymore. What isn’t there to like about tempura oreo >> with ice cream!! :D

time to be sad that I can’t buy more pretty art T.T or do it for that matter LOL


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