Feels like the middle of nowhere


Flew out and landed! It’s not so bad to fly out when its light and land when its dark…. better than flying out when its light and landing when its still light… the next day LOL So all good~ And oddly enough for being slightly delyed (especially since our plane was 7th in queue to fly off) we ended up landing earlier than scheduled o.o it’s like… what happened in the air?!

But it was a decent flight so I’m glad. I finally arrived at my uncle’s house so I have stable internet :D Sso much better than hotel wifi… of course. But the hotel I went to which was comfort suits was quite nice. The manager on duty was SUPER nice to us and it was wonderful~

Anyways. been using most of my time to play monster hunter 4 so that’ll be interesting to show off later!! :D



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