LCS.. again!!


WEE!! :D Went to another LCS game today!! Last game of the split or something.. like that. I’m not sure the technical term of it and I feel like a lot of people will face palm at that but NO MATTER! why? Because I had so much fun watching the games and ESPECIALLY listening to the other people around me! At one point a girl I swear didn’t even know or played league and I swear some bf of hers dragged her to this game LOL And then I can some slight beef with people leading me to dislike some teams so… I won’t say who xD BUT, I will say me and Gee are rooting for C9 =3 And the games today were quite fun to watch!!

ALSO HE GOT ME KOG MAW!! I’ll have to post a picture later but HES SO CUTE AND GROSS IM GONNA DIE LOL


I’m calm. Really :D

Anyways… im SUPER tired from all the yelling and socializing… its crazy. But it was really fun and a little stressful from all that was going on. Happy to say we had some good food at Stacked which is actually a pretty good price. And then they finally tried Frostbites with me which is a yummy ice dessert place~ Brought them home and my sister’s friends were watching Kingsmen which I do like the movie o.o If you haven’t watched it .. it’s quite entertaining~




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