Today was interesting! My brother got tickets for a Musical called Waterfall~ It’s the first musical and I’m happy :D It was a love story kinda on forbidden love and just how a first love changes you but just like the title is, its the FIRST love, meaning you’ll have others~ At first the accent of the main guy who was Thai was really hard to follow but I think I got used to it. The orchestra was awesome and the dresses were so pretty!! Inspiration much? definitely~ Also was cool cause we had pretty awesome seats :D

Anyways afterwards I looked up boba shops around and we went to Urth caffe! It’s a popular cafe that I’ve been to a few locations of. Every time I go and get the drinks I get the good ones… people I go with… not so much =3= So my brother hated his and his… friend ended up throwing hers away =.= I was sad cause I’m pretty sure if I asked for something else may have remade it? They tend to be nice like that but since they were so busy I dunno if they would’ve. Oh and a selfie with my sister cause… yea. We do that now LOL



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