I’ve had some pretty weird dreams but nothing really tops what I just had last night o.o More like a nightmare than anything….

So here’s my really weird dream!

It started off with me and my mother going to some group thing… It seemed like a activity kind of group where you learn self motivation or something. We got in and they took our electronic stuff and what not and time fast forawrded to being in a classroom and feeling scared o.o And at this point I’m sitting far away from my mother and we find out that some other people in the group has died during the course and we were told that we were all to die so turn in all your stuff into these huge cubby slots o.o Yea. So they take a smaller group from the big classroom group and we take our stuff to go put away .. forever. I say bye to my mother while leaving all sad like as we were both scared. I find my phone and try to go text/call gee cause what was going through my mind was “I should at least let him know not to expect me” and “if anything at least he should know my feelings!!” But someone in charge saw me and went “are you sure you want to do that” and so I put it away int he slot and went with the others.

They brought us to an obstacle course telling us to go through it… so it started with stepping on rocks over some pond/river like thing. And the courses kept doing on as I waited for other peopl until I got sick of it and just went full speed through the rest of the courses. I find a small group at the end congratulating me on finally speeding up and getting my act together. We find out at the end of the course it was suppose to show us how to keep trying even though we know things will end. The good part was no they didn’t kill everyone, the bad part was the ones who did end up dying before the end actually did die and wasn’t coming back. (something about giving up blah blah) and then I woke up going wtf….

I dunno. Most of the things that was going through my mind was how it would suck to just leave like that… anyways. DREAM DONE.

I guess thats what happens when your sleep deprived and have to wake up so many times while trying to get a decent 7 hour sleep =.= I JUST WANT TO SLEEP QQ



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