The iron-er broke..


Ahhh…. T.T The string of uneventful days I’ve been having…. Lately I just haven’t done much in terms of … life and what not xD I did level in Tera more which is nice~ I just hope its not a game I ditch later and regret all the time I spent on it >> I also ended up breaking the iron-er today cause it kinda just… fell from the ironing board.. >> Normally I have it in it’s little slot that’s built into the board but my mother was using it today and she didn’t do that. But really I should have know better xD

I’m also hording stuffed animals… next to my hording of figurines~ =3 That always makes me happy to see =3 But now I have a problem since I need to get a new iron-er asap? It’s an iron-er. Comon. I need that stuffs LOL

Anyways. I have like a backlog of like. 2 weeks worth of stuff. ………………… and then the new projects -hopefully- with other people sooon. Sister’s prom dress is still on hold. My AX stuff hasn’t been touched. OH! Neither has the commission. Heck I need to write an email actually o.o ah crap. Ok. Cutting this short to write more elsewhere –aka emails XDDD



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