Poro day~


POROS :D hehe. I couldn’t help it.. I bought a poro T.T I WANTED to buy a Kog maw figurine but THEY SOLD OUT BEFORE I COULD GET IN. And the march store opened after the first game and I got in after I went to the bathroom really quickly and waited in line AND IT WAS ALL GONE T.T I only got to take a picture of the display one… QQ


They threw free stuff in the audience and so everyone in our 5 party team got a stress poro ball!! but guess what? NOT ME T.T But I have the big poro so I really shouldn’t complain =3 it’s like I’m the ring leader~ hehe. HEHE.

Anyways if you haven’t followed my instagram or twitter… I went to the North American LCS today! It’s right up in my hood which I didn’t really know so I’m really happy~~~ It was a really nice break and it motivates me to paly league more~ But then I … I get home and find all the things I still have to do and it’s like T.T WORK WORK hur. LOL

So much more but I’m tired and it’s been a long day …



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