Archive | March 23, 2015

show thoughts

20150322_153217Ah! The chaotic fashion show is finally done! I’m so glad I got to showcase a collection I am super proud of =3 Plus all my models were just awesome from their quirky personalities to how wonderful they made my designs looked! But it was quite awesome how all 6 girls were able to talk to each other like they’ve been friends for awhile. I’m glad I was able to bring people together =3

And I owe a lot of this… opportunity that brought me to so many people to Gee o v o Like… thinking of it he’s the reason why I’m able to do that fashion shows. o.o He takes the trip to bring me downtown, grabs fabric with me, drives me to all the many different crafts stores… and though he can’t help me make anything I do have a peace of mind if it looks good to him too! And maybe I sound like some girl gushing over some dude but I dunno… I just thought to myself that I wouldn’t have had such an opportunity on my own without his intervention xD And I really am grateful for that~

And also really happy about taking Gee’s phone randomly for selfies =3 So here’s one! LOL~