Archive | March 10, 2015

So many projects o.o


So still working on the fashion line~ It’s getting there!! I actually don’t feel too much stress from it and it’s actually been quite fun =3 I just make sure to leave a chunk of my day dedicated to working on whatever I have to for the show. So thats been about… 5 hours a day? A weekday at least. That’s the time I sew and cut fabric mainly. Then I take some detail stuff and what not to the office during the day and work on that when I have a little down time between taxes and the really busy work of my own in between. So it’s been super busy but it’s… a nice busy. :D

I can actually keep sewing cause I’m not tired yet… but I thought I’d update cause I haven’t in forever!! So much for updating everyday right? T.T I’ll just put it to twice a week at this point >.< But yea! I dyed fabric recently and I REALLY liked how it turned out!! I took this picture when it was still wet so the color is actually a tad bit lighter~ I also happened to dye fabric on the hottest day of the week T.T I think it was 85 degrees (F) while I was out T.T

btw that’s part of my backyard. It’s pretty tiny but my grandma loves to just fill it with different plants hence the plants you see in the background XD