the fabric


FABRIC :D Yea… back to shopping for the right fabric! Which kinda sucks that I have to since I have so little time to finish this collection T.T plus more taxes are coming in and I like that cause I might actually be able to have some income! But… lack of time and some headache >.>

So yea. I had to take some pictures at Joanns of the fabric I was thinking of. This one caught my eye~ I like it but this is actually the wrong side of the fabric o.o yea. The other side is what it’s suppose to look like but I like this side more >.> Expensive fabric though >.>;; Hing.

On another note. Riot released official merchandise!! ITS ADORABLE STUFF. …. I WANT KOG MAW :D And well.. all of them but I cannot do any shopping so therefore I won’t T.T My logic there right? :D

Honestly gonna say I’ve been kinda moody today >.> Mainly just getting annoyed at people but eh. I think it just depends on the day. Actually had a full day at the office though! And got to see the mailman which is always so entertaining xD He pretty much thinks that I am all alone at the office all day everyday but he came in today and saw a full house! So that was entertaining.

Now time for some Tera because I want some stress relieving~


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