Found a key


Well… I had a fun time doing a little shopping today! I went to just pick up some fabrics that I thought I would use. Yep. That’s right guys, I’m just hording fabric :D

Well on the way out I was looking at the necklaces and I was like… oh cool! This one is pretty spiffy and it’s really cheap so why not? I come home to show it to Gee and he’s like… that looks familiar… >.> Turns out he was right! It is familiar! It’s from Attack on titian =.= IT EVEN SAYS AOT ON THE BACK. How did I… I don’t even know T.T

So yea! That’s… I kinda regret buying it and kind of wish I just bought more gesso =.= So cheap >.> I ended up with 2 necklaces, a bottle of liquidtex gesso, 3.5 yards of some thin fabrics and 2 yards of some thicker fabric all for about $12 :D It was wonderful finds~~~

Yesh. That and I had a job interview today!? That was… interesting. We’ll see how this goes!



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