:D So I recently did a wee bit of shopping >.> Which! It’s quite funny how this happened xD At ALA a guy took my pictures and actually recgonized me as Hilda! And we kinda talked and he asked for my card and I asked for his. He didn’t have any left but asked his boss to come over to see if he had any. So his boss comes over and is SUPER Japanese o.o They ended up being from Tokyo Otaku Mode which was really cool o.o I didn’t really know it at the time and later found the site and went *-* The prices are pretty good o.o And what I wasn’t expecting was the packaging! THIS IS THE BOX IT CAME IN…. it’s fancy o.o And then I asked for gift wrapping cause it was free and I am gonna be sending it as a gift anyways~ I was NOT expecting such nice gift wrapping, a hand made note, a clear file, and a button!


And if you are wondering. Nope. Won’t tell you what’s in it~ Nor for who its for or what occasion~ But it’s gonna sit there for a bit xD

So yes. That’s the story on that~ Other than that I just got a haircut so maybe I’ll be lucky and get some pictures tomorrow =3 hoping to dye my hair tomorrow… apparently doing a full change thing for myselfl ol



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