Impromptu day :D


Ahhh!!! A wonderfully pleasant surprise outing today! I had an interview which I believe I did well in but won’t be taking the job as it’s just not.. worth it. >.> From the amount of time and pay it just doesn’t make sense to do it versus something else that may be closer and more mind challenging. But! It was funny because Gee had a car appointment literally down the street like 8 minutes from where I was at. So we hung out and had a exploring food day :D Went to downtown Disney to have l lunch and look at all the pretty art =3 we drooled… so badly. LOL Hence the Ariel that was really pretty.. so was the Tinkerbell.. and Belle!! :DD

Then around to mitsuwa where we got more food and spent an abnormal amount of time in the bookstore just …literally gathering ideas and knowledge! We LOVE bookstores so afterwards we went to Barnes & Noble and just looked at more BOOKS! :D  It was funny because at mitsuwa I actually walked away to go to the bathroom and came back to not find him =.= So I walked around and looked around being all lost until I found him at the food stand thing! He went to buy a red bean green tea pancake … thing xD I forgot what they called it… but it was yummy! And I was telling him how I’d go buy it later and kinda reluctant just cause I’d have to charge $2 =.= Which is lame. So he went to buy it =3 it was worth~

And after all that it was boba. Then Dinner at a favorite Japanese resturant~ Got the Poke bowl cause it’s always good =3 Although that white piece int he bowl seriously still looks like chicken >.> They kept saying it was albacore but honestly it tastes like chicken to me sooooo… haha.

Ended up standing outside talking about league for the longest time xD And home to chill, relax. and plan my week ahead :D



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