New leaf


I’m not really sure what’s up with me but I’ve been dealing with an absolutely terrible sore shoulder ache which gave me such little sleep T.T and then a nice headache yesterday…. That wasn’t fun as well. Anyways I find myself at Starbucks just because I want some time to …relax? Maybe less relax but be less… Worried. I just saw all the white hairs I have too… Maybe I’m really older than I seem lol.

Anyways. Lots of changes coming. Remember bulba? Yea. The officially story is that my mother kept complaining which makes my dad unhappy so he started to really nag at me to put her somewhere else which I really couldn’t find a person that would take her for a month…. A few days probably but a month!?? With the addition of her possibly never coming back? Ugh. Yea it was terrible. So one day my aunt just picks her up and takes her ….. Without telling me. So I freaked that I lost her somewhere…. Nope. After talking to mother I find out aunt knows a couple that’s been wanting a dog…

yea. My dog was given away to a family looking to own, not babysit…. My baby T.T so when that happened I took that as the last straw. I took that very personally with a tinge of grudge. Now if you know me, I have a really bad habit of holding grudges even tho I really try not to… But never mind that. I am now on a mission to…leave. To put it plainly I need to take control of all aspects of my life. That’s financially and mentally cause my emotions have been taking a real beating lately >.>

now don’t go on feeling sorry for me or anything. But if you do know of anyway to help id love to take all the help I can get~ but in the meantime I’ll keep staying positive. I’m lucky that I have really supportive friends. Even my online presence…I don’t receive hate at all o.o which I’d like to keep cause lets spread the love right?! <3

oh oh and the picture? I’ve found myself in the heart of LA lately and taking the advantage of sightseeing ~ so more later!


2 thoughts on “New leaf

  1. Uuuuuuuuuummmm is it okay for me to feel hate towards your family since its well your family even though they are just some goddamn egoistic assholes….

    [I decided to delete a lot of hate talk towards your family since it was very threatning and you know how others may react towards such things i will save it up somewhere so if needed i can put it up:3]

    Well i wish you the best of luck nikki may the luck be on your side *hugs* get a house find bulba get hermsi gee or how ever you call him on board too and live a fairytale life:3 i am there mentally sadly not physical but well the thought counts now doesnt it :3 and money wise i sadly cant send any money since well i have to pay for myself too… if i could i would give you money to get you started:3

    • Well… I know my family is just doing what they think is best~ They don’t do it all just to spite me xD At least I hope not… >.>;; Yea. I’m pretty sure they don’t xD I don’t hate my family but I feel like if I don’t get away for a bit I will.

      And I would never ask for money in such a way. What I really want are opportunities! So if you know someone that wants a commission, or wants a fashion show at a con, or a design made for … whatever. yea! OR who wants to buy a house in California! I like doing the work, I just gotta do more xD (always more T.T)

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