Puppy QQ


So lately Bulba has been better and worse. She’s getting smarter I guess? She knows when she’s in trouble and where she has to go when she gets in trouble >.> aka her pee pad =.= but now she also knows when to hide from me and when to sit and stay without freaking out xD So it’s just lovely having her around~ And now that I’m getting her in a good spot…. my mother is getting bitten by bugs we can’t see and now Bulba has to leave =.= And I dunno where… how long.. to who! But I’m fighting to keep her here cause I think we can work out a compromise >.> I wanna keep the puppy I had since.. well she was a puppy!!! I skipped a whole family trip cause I didn’t have a place for her … theres no way I’m giving her up to someone that doesn’t know how to take care of dogs =.=

Yea. Been having a few bumps at home. I’ve been pretty good lately with keeping a positive attitude but thinking of coming home and not seeing a puppy so happy and having her warm my lap up at night just makes me really sad T.T So let’s see how things play out… in the meantime i’ll work~


One thought on “Puppy QQ

  1. Sooo bulba is the suspect in bringing bugs home? Or how do i have to understand it.. gee knows how to take care of dogs but i dunno if he has a. space for her or b. the time for 3 dogs. Why does life want to take pets away from you o_o life should just leave them where they loved and not take them away… hope you find a solution where you can still see her everyday:) i like her too even i just know her from the posts but yet i know it has to feel like ripping a part of you away…friends pets and family are what makes us well us every human you meet every human you love every pet you take care of and love becomes a part of you and stays as a part of you until the end of life. I hope you and bulba be together until the end.

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