Post con


Giving myself one day to relax,  play some games and clean up! Quite a good day in my eyes~ didn’t touch any finance stuff and tried my hardest to not think about tax xD

I bought a new steam game this morning called receatear, although my spelling may be wrong. You own an item store! It’s so adorable! ~~~♡ plus I love the little business aspect in the game.  With fantasy,  fighting,  cute characters… /fangirls

Anyways!  My loot is always quite small for these conventions. I bought a ram plushie who I do make super awkward but I need to show it in video for anyone to really understand. Also a cute zelda key chain in which gee has a link one~ we didn’t mean to match but … we did!
Also please excuse the heavy makeup. .. it makes me look and spkoo with you…



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