Fatteh Koi


:D Back from VEGAS~ Yea. SUPER last minute trip but my mother did ask and plan it like… a day before. She kinda had the idea in her mind for awhile but if you thought I was bad at planning? well… look at my mother xD We ended up taking my aunt hotel room which she had one bed with a guy… friend? >.> Yea I feel like we ruined something for her >.> <.< /awkward.

Anyways! YEA! It was literally… gambling. Walking. Gambling. Picture picture picture. Walk. Gamble. DRINK! more gamble. SLEEEEP~ xD And yea. That’s with family >.> You learn so much of family >.>;; Well. Family +1 xD

Anyways. That picture above? FAT KOI FISH! my favorite =3 Really brightens up the pond since.. well since he’s so big xD That and the black swan which is really pretty as well~ I took a few selfies in front of random stuff. The one up there is of the volcano outside of the mirage. First time seeing the volcano show, it was nice~ I was kinda sad I didn’t get to eat AT ALL on the strip. My mother said my grandma would rather eat asian food so each day we went to the asian town either once or twice =.= And grocery shopping. Ya. Grocery shopping in vegas xD

My updates are on my instagram @ http://www.instagram.com/itskimikotan

Something interesting that happened? I don’t like table games but I was watching a friend play craps for awhile and the table got so deperate (no one wanted to roll) an old guy tole me to roll and kept telling me to o.o Not like he said it meanly so I was like.. what the hey. I literally had nothing to lose. Apparently my rolls were pretty good out of pure luck that I won a nice chunk of money just by playing against the house~ Yea. Honestly? still not sure how to play the game LOL but it was fun to roll dice~ (they guys there weren’t that smart betting on my rolls either… >.> just sayin)



One thought on “Fatteh Koi

  1. I didnt even see the black swan until i looked at a bigger version of the picture(Show graphic changing the w(ith) and the h(ight) of the picture) never seen a black one though befor:3

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