So it’s been a eventful past few days~ I did some holiday shopping and hosted a little holiday get-together with friends! We did white elephant which I got a black mug that’s mickey themed and then wallie and eve! =3 Oh and and best part?! ASUNA FIGURINE~ <3 Gee got it for me as a Christmas gift~ AND IM SO HAPPY~ We’ve been talking about gathering up figurines on cosplays that I’ve done or really want to do. So I’m happy that asuna is the first of the collection =3 All the warm fuzzy feelings!!!

I also just finished watching SAO II which… the ending was quite sweet. Won’t spoil anything, really. And on another note I haven’t even started Legend of Korra latest season until today o.o And I believe it ended a few days ago xDD yea. gg.

Sorry for the lack of updates. SUCH a busy time and I’m going a little cray xD But it’s nice. really.

And its Christmas soon! What do T.T



One thought on “Holidays~

  1. Legend of korra is nice but sadly the seasons are to short i wish there was more episode to it:3 Yeah Sao II ending … loved the whole story arc it was soo cute:3 Also merry christmas to you *hugs* hope you have a nice christmas without to much hassle ^^ just writing in advance if you are busy on christmas:3

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