“let me just sprawl out on her lap… yes. this is comfy”

I swear that’s what she thinks >.> This little girl has been super annoying though. She whines to sit on my lap and whines to go outside and whines more to get treats/play/etc etc. But that’s what puppies do~ And I like how my parents act like they don’t like dogs but last night when a big storm hit I found them in the patio comforting bulba xD It was quite something.

Today was such a bleh day for me. I had to deal with clients but not which all are bad. The storm last night kept me up most of the night so I barely got any sleep. Through the night I heard a pot break… and the open patio roofing come apart. And lots of debris… anad the table might have flipped over o.o And more plants toppeling including sugar cane stocks which are super strong but fell o.o Guess soil not OP? XD

Which also reminds me how my sister told me today how she keeps saying “worth” to her friends xD She got that from me and my league playing with friends >.> LOL

She also went to Joanns with me today where I spent… $14~ish dollars on just thread. but 14 spools of them and its absolutely crazy =3 We also got hot chocolate for free from the demonstration of a cooffee/drink maker xD So that was a nice surprise and treat!

Ah. The day would’ve been ok with bulba just didn’t bite my laptop cord =.= Chewed threw half of it… I don’t understand the pup. Why must you annoy me T.T


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