Once in awhile Gee decides to use my weak spot and keeps me out a little later than I should be for sweets >.> And 99% of the time I’m happy with it anyways LOL So last time we hung out we had some really yummy sushi hand rolls and then some hand-made gelato~! Now that gelato… is good =3 Mine was some rendition of milk, black cherry, granola, uhh… maybe chocolate? I’m not sure. It was lightly sweet and slightly crunchy. I loved it =3 But I’m the one with the sweet tooth (apparently?) and Gee is the one that doesn’t have one at all =.= So he ended up getting some dark chocolate gelato which was actually quite bitter. He seemed to enjoy it though xD I liked it cause it made mine sweeter LOL

Other than that… I’ve been on a sweets spree…. so much for eating healthy >.>


One thought on “Gelllato~

  1. Well eating healthy is different from what ever angle you look at it.For me eating healthy is eating everything you like since it actually makes you happy to eat something yummy once in a while without having to worry about it.Aslong as it isnt one and the same thing everyday than its fine:3

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